The Kasur Incident: 5 Steps To Control Child Abuse

the kasur incident five tips to control child abuse

The Kasur incident has shocked the nation. Police recovered bodies of three minors in Chunian when some laborers spotted them in the sand dunes. The incident sparked protests in Kasur and surroundings. Yes, we reacted emotionally by blocking roadways and pelted stones on the police, as usual. The government, on the other hand, suspended the … Read more

Electricity Overbilling Through Delay In Meter Reading

electricity overbilling through delay in meter reading

Electricity overbilling is not a trending issue in Pakistan. But today, we will discuss something unusual, you may call it technical cheating by electricity providers. It’s electricity overcharging by delaying the meter reading. But how does it happen? I will explain it, bear with me. Electricity Cost The electricity cost per unit is Rs 10.20 … Read more

Punjab Police Reforms: Its Time To Take Some Action

punjab police reforms

The Brutal killing of Salahuddin in police custody highlighted the urgency of reforms in Punjab Police. Generally, there are two reasons for police brutality. The political influence as we saw in Vehari where policemen beat a 50-year-old woman till she passed out. Or due to outdated methods of investigation as is the case of Amir … Read more

GIDC Ordinance: A Case Study Of Our Defective System

GIDC ordinance

The government rescinded the GIDC Ordinance 2019 after public outrage. It was introduced as an attempt to recover GIDC tax dues from textile, CNG, fertilizer, and power sector companies. The unpaid tax stood at Rs 416 billion by December 2018. Well, the point is not just an ordinance and its withdrawal, instead, it’s a case … Read more

The Debt Increase In Last 10 Years [5 Reasons]

the debt increase in last ten years

The national debt increase in the last 10 years is cataclysmic. Recently, PM khan set up a commission to evaluate the causes of debt growth. According to Khan, the national debt of Pakistan reached Rs 28,000 billion, and he wants to determine how come it grew too quickly. The figure is a year old now. … Read more