Rift Between Players: How To Select A Perfect Cricket Team

rift between players and how to select a perfect cricket team

Today, we will see how to select a perfect Pakistan cricket team and to end the rift between the players. You know, Pakistan Cricket Board sacked captain Sarfraz Ahmed from all three formats citing his poor performance. Meanwhile, Misbah ul Haq who was under fire for including Ahmad Shehzad and Umar Akmal in T20’s against … Read more

Economic Stability: Are We Moving Towards It?

are we moving towards economic stability

Are we moving towards economic stability? Well, the signs of improvement are showing up amid high inflation and unemployment rates. But we will cover it with a different angle today. So let’s start. Positive Signs Stable Exchange Rate Pak Rupee devalued considerably earlier this year. From Rs.120 for a dollar, it plunged to Rs.160 in … Read more

Economic Growth: What I Expected From PM Khan

what I expected from prime minister khan

What did I expect from Prime Minister Imran Khan for political stability and economic growth? I will describe briefly. Bear with me. A background of khan’s potential, the legend who won the cricket world cup for Pakistan. He then bent on to build Pakistan’s first cancer hospital. As said, in the conference of 19 doctors, … Read more

Economic Reforms Act: A Legal Way Of Money Laundering

Economic reforms act a legal way of money laundering

If you ask, is there a legal way to launder money out of Pakistan? I will say yes, That will be under the umbrella of the economic reforms act of 1992. Chairman FBR, Mr. Shabbar Zaidi, recently admitted the state’s inability to retrieve the money laundered out of Pakistan, the first official admission regarding the … Read more

CNIC Condition And The Struggling Economy

cnic condition and the struggling economy

FBR issued a general order to clarify the CNIC condition, but in fact, it created more confusion. The condition of CNIC was introduced in the finance act 2019, which requires the registered sellers to take CNIC of their buyers and then print it on the invoices. And, for a fake id, the seller is exempted … Read more

Western Role In Money Laundering: Khan’s UN Address

western role in money laundering

Prime Minister Imran Khan highlighted the western role in money laundering in his address at United Nation’s general assembly. The speech was well-crafted regarding the issue of Kashmir, Islamophobia, and the respect of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). However, people undervalued part of his address in which he questioned the negligence of the western world in the … Read more