Right Of Bail: Give It To Every Sick Prisoner

right of bail for every sick prisoner

Considering the case of Mian Nawaz Sharif, the government should give the right of bail to every sick prisoner. The Lahore court bailed out three-time prime minister of Pakistan, cleared his name from the ECL, and he flew out of Pakistan. Remember, he is a convict of corruption charges. Meanwhile, the prime minister Khan took … Read more

ECL Ordinance: Only The Government Can Decide About

exit from pakistan control ecl ordinance

The exit control list issue is in papers nowadays and it has created some controversy as to who is authorized to make a decision about it. But the ECL Ordinance clearly explains it. The Exit From Pakistan Control Ordinance 1981 indicates that only the federal government can make an order regarding ECL and the procedure … Read more

Property Dealers and Jewelers: FBR’s Special Instructions

special instructions for property dealers and jewelers

FBR issued special instructions for property dealers and jewelers. These are the draft amendments and open for the public. Subject to cabinet approval, these will become law. There are two basic requirements for real estate agents and jewelers (called designated persons in the draft) to fulfill. To maintain records of their customers To report any … Read more

Tax Reforms: Why FBR Officials Are Opposing It?

fbr needs your proposals for finance bill 2020

The top officials of FBR are opposing tax reforms, and they have no genuine reason for that. Prime Minister Khan approved the reforms plan in October, which will set a base for the restructuring of FBR. A new authority Pakistan Revenue Authority (PRA) will come into effect by June 2020. The significant change in the … Read more