Functional Parliament: The Only Way To Achieve Stability

political stability through a functional parliament

Pakistan can reach political stability through a functional parliament, which can help achieve economic stability as well. I expect PM khan to take initiative and build a foundation for a real change. Here is how, 1. Activate parliament sessions with all its standing or other committees. 2. Make sure 90% attendance of all members. Immediately … Read more

PIC Incident: Who Is To Blame For The Casualties?

who is to blame for pic incident

Punjab Institute of Cardiology PIC incident has created a debate as to how to control the unlawful behavior of lawyers and what to do to stop such events in the future. First, we need to understand the problem. The Problem 1. The Culture of Approach and Nepotism We developed a culture where it’s impossible to … Read more

IMF Rejects The Tax Scheme For Builders And Developers

imf rejects the tax scheme for builders and developers

IMF rejected the proposed tax scheme for builders and developers. Chairman FBR MR. Shabbar Zaidi announced it two months ago that they are drafting a special scheme for the industry to help it under the given economic conditions and to recirculate the money, stuck in the industry. The federal government drafted the presidential ordinance. But … Read more