Hot Money: A Destructive Strategy For Our Economy

hot money is killing our economy

Hot money is the short term investment that is behind the positive indicators of the economy of Pakistan. But in fact, it’s killing our economy. Here is how it works. Usually, Euro bonds and US treasury bills are floated at 7% or 8% interest rate. But the State Bank of Pakistan has set the interest … Read more

Leave The Degree: Learn A Skill In 2020

leave the degree and learn a skill

Some social media influencers are of the view to leave the degree and learn a skill. And the leader of this idea is Azad Chaiwala. In a recent video, he asked YouTubers to support his slogan Degree naheen Skill seekho. So I am making this video in support of Azad Chaiwala. But just to clarify, … Read more

POS Integration: Retailers To Connect With FBR Computers

Retailers will connect their point of sale with fbr computers

FBR has cleared the confusion about the POS Integration. As to which retailers are required to integrate their point of sale with FBR. POS Integration is a system through which the retailers will connect their point of sale with FBR, and FBR will monitor the transactions in real-time. Here is the explanation of FBR about … Read more

Transfer Of DG ISPR: Institution Is Bigger Than Individual

transfer of dg ispr

The transfer of DG ISPR General Asif Ghafoor highlights two things: 1. The system/mechanism of the army through which they carry out the transfer/postings. The ex DG played his role well though there are some reservations about his unique style of twitter interactions. But the system of the army prefers institution over the individuals. 2. … Read more

Was Danish Kaneria Mistreated By Teammates?

was danish kaneria mistreated by teammates

Shoaib Akhtar created a controversy by saying that Danish Kaneria mistreated by fellow teammates. We don’t have direct knowledge, but we can examine under corroborating evidence that refutes the claim of Shoaib Akhtar. We have this issue in our society, there is no doubt about that. But the problem exists on the lower level. Danish … Read more

NAB Ordinance Amendment: A Controversial Move By Khan

nab ordinance amendment is a controversial move by khan

The government introduced the NAB ordinance amendment through a presidential order. The following changes have been made in the law. NAB won’t handle any case against the government employees. It won’t seize a government employee’s property except by the court order. NAB will only handle corruption cases of RS 500 million or more. If the … Read more