What Would I Do If I Be The Prime Minister

What would i do if i be the prime minister

Here is what I was going to do if I would be in place of Prime Minister khan. Or alternatively, what Khan should do to put things back in order. 1. Make the parliament fully functional. It is the first step to set up a base for political stability. 2. Start Punjab Police reforms This … Read more

Finance Bill 2020: FBR Seeks Your Proposed Amendments

fbr needs your proposals for finance bill 2020

FBR is looking for Income tax proposals for budget 2020-21. This is for preparing the finance bill 2020. So FBR officials are asking the stakeholders to express their opinion regarding the proposed changes. The process is simple. Make an MS-Word/Excel file and put in the following: Section/Clause/Rule in which you propose the amendment. Proposed Amendment … Read more