Coronavirus Vaccine: Can Pakistan Develop It?

a request to pm to activate nih

Can Pakistan develop a Coronavirus vaccine? Well, my answer is, it can. All we need to put in some effort. As you know, the Administration, including the Army, Police, and health workers are working to their capacity to contain Coronavirus. And they deserve the best of thanks and appreciation from the people of Pakistan. But … Read more

Coronavirus Lockdown: The Potential Benefits For Pakistan


Coronavirus lockdown is causing pain for many of us. But it does carry some potential benefits for Pakistan. Here are some of these: 1. The calamity is worldwide. It’s not for Pakistan only, so nothing to worry about. 2. Coronavirus will release the pressure of following the IMF guidelines for the economy of Pakistan. 3. … Read more

Lahore Sialkot Motorway: A Much Needed Infrastructure

lahore sialkot motorway is a much needed infrastructure

National Highway Authority (NHA) opened Lahore Sialkot Motorway (M11) on March 18, 2020. It starts from the Sambrial district of Sialkot and ends up touching the Lahore Ring Road at Mehmood Booti. Sialkot motorway has a total of 91 KM stretch, which you can cover in about 50 minutes with an average speed. LSM will … Read more

Coronavirus: A Chance To Rebuild The Economy

Coronavirus will benefit the economy of Pakistan

Coronavirus is continuously creating problems and forcing shutdowns from workplaces to airports. But the coronavirus will turn into a blessing for the deteriorating economy of Pakistan. Here is how. As you know, the textile sector is already working to its full capacity. And the textile mills are unable to handle more orders. The increase in … Read more

The Women Rights: You Only Have In Pakistan

the women rights you only have in Pakistan

The issue of women rights is often over-exaggerated in Pakistan as some are organizing “Aurat March” and chanting slogans like “Mera Jism Meri Marzi”. Honestly speaking, women enjoy many rights in Pakistan, some of which you can’t imagine getting in the west. For example, women get preference in the bank queue. They get the front … Read more