5 Questions For Your Favorite Political Party

Its your right to support and vote the political party of your choice.

Fair enough.

But, is it enough?

“Absolutely not”.

You can’t just idle behind a screen, or scroll your twitter feed.

Rather, transform your awareness into a weapon.

A weapon to enforce your party to serve you better.

Here are 5 Questions/suggestions you should ask your favorite party to begin with.

  1. Are they willing to prioritize the parliament as an institution?
  2. Will they add some young blood in their rank and file?
  3. Are they willing to strengthen the local governments?
  4. Any solid plan they have to curb the economic disaster?
  5. Will they offer anything towards an interest free economy?

The party with applicable plans will be the political party to vote for.

But I doubt you take these suggestions seriously.

Let alone asking your leaders to act on it.

How comes the change then?

Please suggest.