The Secret Behind Sudden GDP Growth

Wonder how economy got a boost in the middle of pandemic? Well, you shouldn’t. The poor economy is self-pulling from the adverse effects of Khan’s Slogan. “Kisi ko naheen chooron ga”. Surprised? Look, financial transaction is the backbone of the economy. It’s like a fuel for the automobile. You don’t have to be an economist … Read more

Stamp Duty: Punjab Reduced It On Property Purchase

punjab reduced the stamp duty on property purchase

Punjab government reduced the stamp duty on the purchase of property. The Governor introduced it through an ordinance. According to the ordinance, the stamp duty is reduced from 5% to 1% on the purchase/transfer of the property. keep in mind though, This ordinance will be in effect until June 30th, 2020. It will only cover … Read more

Tax Scheme For Builders & Developers

government introduced the tax scheme for builders and developers

Finally, the government introduced the long-awaited tax scheme for builders & developers. And we are here to unfold the secrets. So, get ready guys. The Basics Before we get deep into the subject, here is the summary of the scheme. Deposit the project money in the bank account. In the case of land, make sure … Read more

Mask Export Ban: Please Modify The Notification

mask export ban please modify the notification

The Ministry of Commerce banned the mask export in a Notification. But that includes the ordinary face mask made of lycra. The notification is totally reasonable if the ban covers the surgical and N-95 masks only. Not the fashion masks which we can make with Lycra. Lycra is commonly available in the local market. Some … Read more

Construction Industry: PM Announces A Relief Package

prime minister announces special package for construction industry

Prime Minister Khan announced the special package for construction industry. This package is long due but IMF opposed the idea saying it will create injustice in the tax system. Here are some key points, the details will follow later: 1. FBR won’t ask you about the source if you invest in the construction business in … Read more

Coronavirus Crisis: It’s Time To Plan “The End”

The Best Way to Contain Coronavirus crisis

The government of Punjab extended the lockdown for another week in its bid to contain the Coronavirus crisis. I believe its time to plan the exit strategy as lengthening it further may not be suitable for the economic situation of the country. The Best Possible Strategy The best possible strategy to offset the coronavirus crisis … Read more

Coronavirus Lockdown: The Potential Benefits For Pakistan


Coronavirus lockdown is causing pain for many of us. But it does carry some potential benefits for Pakistan. Here are some of these: 1. The calamity is worldwide. It’s not for Pakistan only, so nothing to worry about. 2. Coronavirus will release the pressure of following the IMF guidelines for the economy of Pakistan. 3. … Read more

Lahore Sialkot Motorway: A Much Needed Infrastructure

lahore sialkot motorway is a much needed infrastructure

National Highway Authority (NHA) opened Lahore Sialkot Motorway (M11) on March 18, 2020. It starts from the Sambrial district of Sialkot and ends up touching the Lahore Ring Road at Mehmood Booti. Sialkot motorway has a total of 91 KM stretch, which you can cover in about 50 minutes with an average speed. LSM will … Read more

Coronavirus: A Chance To Rebuild The Economy

Coronavirus will benefit the economy of Pakistan

Coronavirus is continuously creating problems and forcing shutdowns from workplaces to airports. But the coronavirus will turn into a blessing for the deteriorating economy of Pakistan. Here is how. As you know, the textile sector is already working to its full capacity. And the textile mills are unable to handle more orders. The increase in … Read more