The Secret Behind Sudden GDP Growth

Wonder how economy got a boost in the middle of pandemic? Well, you shouldn’t. The poor economy is self-pulling from the adverse effects of Khan’s Slogan. “Kisi ko naheen chooron ga”. Surprised? Look, financial transaction is the backbone of the economy. It’s like a fuel for the automobile. You don’t have to be an economist … Read more

The Reason We Fall Behind The Modern World

Why we can’t keep pace with the modern world? Well, you can add multiple reasons. But how about if I sum up into a one big reason? “Hum kaam na hone dein ge” This is the answer. I explain. Go to any public or private office. The people you come across are mostly (if not … Read more

Finance Act 2020: Taxes To Pay On Sale Of Property

tax on sale of property in finance act 2020

There are a couple of changes made in taxes on the sale of property in the finance act 2020. Question, do I have to pay any tax if I sell my property? Well, the answer is yes. But… Only in certain cases. I explain. There are two taxes payable on the property sale. Withholding tax … Read more

Tax Scheme For Builders & Developers

government introduced the tax scheme for builders and developers

Finally, the government introduced the long-awaited tax scheme for builders & developers. And we are here to unfold the secrets. So, get ready guys. The Basics Before we get deep into the subject, here is the summary of the scheme. Deposit the project money in the bank account. In the case of land, make sure … Read more

Finance Bill 2020: FBR Seeks Your Proposed Amendments

fbr needs your proposals for finance bill 2020

FBR is looking for Income tax proposals for budget 2020-21. This is for preparing the finance bill 2020. So FBR officials are asking the stakeholders to express their opinion regarding the proposed changes. The process is simple. Make an MS-Word/Excel file and put in the following: Section/Clause/Rule in which you propose the amendment. Proposed Amendment … Read more

POS Integration: Retailers To Connect With FBR Computers

Retailers will connect their point of sale with fbr computers

FBR has cleared the confusion about the POS Integration. As to which retailers are required to integrate their point of sale with FBR. POS Integration is a system through which the retailers will connect their point of sale with FBR, and FBR will monitor the transactions in real-time. Here is the explanation of FBR about … Read more

Functional Parliament: The Only Way To Achieve Stability

political stability through a functional parliament

Pakistan can reach political stability through a functional parliament, which can help achieve economic stability as well. I expect PM khan to take initiative and build a foundation for a real change. Here is how, 1. Activate parliament sessions with all its standing or other committees. 2. Make sure 90% attendance of all members. Immediately … Read more

IMF Rejects The Tax Scheme For Builders And Developers

imf rejects the tax scheme for builders and developers

IMF rejected the proposed tax scheme for builders and developers. Chairman FBR MR. Shabbar Zaidi announced it two months ago that they are drafting a special scheme for the industry to help it under the given economic conditions and to recirculate the money, stuck in the industry. The federal government drafted the presidential ordinance. But … Read more