Khan Saab! Turn PTI Into A World Class Party

World class party by a world class cricketer. How ‘s that? Its called cricket analogy. More like Khan’s way of “cricketyfying” the politics. Ok but, what’s the point here? Well, the political struggle is useless without a sound platform. Imagine a party where members elect their leaders and make them accountable through their power of … Read more

5 Questions For Your Favorite Political Party

Its your right to support and vote the political party of your choice. Fair enough. But, is it enough? “Absolutely not”. You can’t just idle behind a screen, or scroll your twitter feed. Rather, transform your awareness into a weapon. A weapon to enforce your party to serve you better. Here are 5 Questions/suggestions you … Read more

Child Abuse In Madaris : Contain It With 5 Workable Steps

The Lahore incident pinpoints the issue of child abuse in our madaris. Though culprit got arrested, thanks to our law enforcement agencies. But how to stop such atrocities in the future. The cure is simple and easy. Just follow 5 Steps and bring these incidents closer to zero. 1- It is the prime responsibility of … Read more

The Secret Behind Sudden GDP Growth

Wonder how economy got a boost in the middle of pandemic? Well, you shouldn’t. The poor economy is self-pulling from the adverse effects of Khan’s Slogan. “Kisi ko naheen chooron ga”. Surprised? Look, financial transaction is the backbone of the economy. It’s like a fuel for the automobile. You don’t have to be an economist … Read more

PIA Plane Crash: It’s Time To Fix The National Carrier

pia plane crash its time to fix the issue of pia

The PIA plane crash in Karachi once again pinpoints the importance of the overhauling of the national aircraft carrier. The simple solution is to privatize but it isn’t workable as the political cost of laying off thousands of employees blocks any such effort. So what else we can do? Well, there is a better way … Read more

Tax Scheme For Builders & Developers

government introduced the tax scheme for builders and developers

Finally, the government introduced the long-awaited tax scheme for builders & developers. And we are here to unfold the secrets. So, get ready guys. The Basics Before we get deep into the subject, here is the summary of the scheme. Deposit the project money in the bank account. In the case of land, make sure … Read more