5 Questions For Your Favorite Political Party

Its your right to support and vote the political party of your choice. Fair enough. But, is it enough? “Absolutely not”. You can’t just idle behind a screen, or scroll your twitter feed. Rather, transform your awareness into a weapon. A weapon to enforce your party to serve you better. Here are 5 Questions/suggestions you … Read more

The Secret Behind Sudden GDP Growth

Wonder how economy got a boost in the middle of pandemic? Well, you shouldn’t. The poor economy is self-pulling from the adverse effects of Khan’s Slogan. “Kisi ko naheen chooron ga”. Surprised? Look, financial transaction is the backbone of the economy. It’s like a fuel for the automobile. You don’t have to be an economist … Read more

Coronavirus Vaccine: Can Pakistan Develop It?

a request to pm to activate nih

Can Pakistan develop a Coronavirus vaccine? Well, my answer is, it can. All we need to put in some effort. As you know, the Administration, including the Army, Police, and health workers are working to their capacity to contain Coronavirus. And they deserve the best of thanks and appreciation from the people of Pakistan. But … Read more

The Women Rights: You Only Have In Pakistan

the women rights you only have in Pakistan

The issue of women rights is often over-exaggerated in Pakistan as some are organizing “Aurat March” and chanting slogans like “Mera Jism Meri Marzi”. Honestly speaking, women enjoy many rights in Pakistan, some of which you can’t imagine getting in the west. For example, women get preference in the bank queue. They get the front … Read more

Transfer Of DG ISPR: Institution Is Bigger Than Individual

transfer of dg ispr

The transfer of DG ISPR General Asif Ghafoor highlights two things: 1. The system/mechanism of the army through which they carry out the transfer/postings. The ex DG played his role well though there are some reservations about his unique style of twitter interactions. But the system of the army prefers institution over the individuals. 2. … Read more

NAB Ordinance Amendment: A Controversial Move By Khan

nab ordinance amendment is a controversial move by khan

The government introduced the NAB ordinance amendment through a presidential order. The following changes have been made in the law. NAB won’t handle any case against the government employees. It won’t seize a government employee’s property except by the court order. NAB will only handle corruption cases of RS 500 million or more. If the … Read more