Khan Saab! Turn PTI Into A World Class Party

World class party by a world class cricketer. How ‘s that? Its called cricket analogy. More like Khan’s way of “cricketyfying” the politics. Ok but, what’s the point here? Well, the political struggle is useless without a sound platform. Imagine a party where members elect their leaders and make them accountable through their power of … Read more

5 Questions For Your Favorite Political Party

Its your right to support and vote the political party of your choice. Fair enough. But, is it enough? “Absolutely not”. You can’t just idle behind a screen, or scroll your twitter feed. Rather, transform your awareness into a weapon. A weapon to enforce your party to serve you better. Here are 5 Questions/suggestions you … Read more

Child Abuse In Madaris : Contain It With 5 Workable Steps

The Lahore incident pinpoints the issue of child abuse in our madaris. Though culprit got arrested, thanks to our law enforcement agencies. But how to stop such atrocities in the future. The cure is simple and easy. Just follow 5 Steps and bring these incidents closer to zero. 1- It is the prime responsibility of … Read more

What Would I Do If I Be The Prime Minister

What would i do if i be the prime minister

Here is what I was going to do if I would be in place of Prime Minister khan. Or alternatively, what Khan should do to put things back in order. 1. Make the parliament fully functional. It is the first step to set up a base for political stability. 2. Start Punjab Police reforms This … Read more

Leave The Degree: Learn A Skill In 2020

leave the degree and learn a skill

Some social media influencers are of the view to leave the degree and learn a skill. And the leader of this idea is Azad Chaiwala. In a recent video, he asked YouTubers to support his slogan Degree naheen Skill seekho. So I am making this video in support of Azad Chaiwala. But just to clarify, … Read more

NAB Ordinance Amendment: A Controversial Move By Khan

nab ordinance amendment is a controversial move by khan

The government introduced the NAB ordinance amendment through a presidential order. The following changes have been made in the law. NAB won’t handle any case against the government employees. It won’t seize a government employee’s property except by the court order. NAB will only handle corruption cases of RS 500 million or more. If the … Read more