Child Abuse In Madaris : Contain It With 5 Workable Steps

The Lahore incident pinpoints the issue of child abuse in our madaris.

Though culprit got arrested, thanks to our law enforcement agencies.

But how to stop such atrocities in the future.

The cure is simple and easy.

Just follow 5 Steps and bring these incidents closer to zero.

1- It is the prime responsibility of the parents to protect their child.

They can’t ignore this anymore.

Be in touch with your kids all the time especially if they are boarding students.

Incase they notice something, they can timely inform you.

2- Hire married teachers, no singles please.

That’s the key.

Married teachers only and their families should be living with them.

No exceptions.

Make sure all the Madaris arrange the residence for the teachers.

Or else, they won’t be operating.

And no offense to singles.

Guys, get married early. That’s what Islam recommends.

Being young and single with kids under your control opens many doors of evil.

Why not shut these in time.

3- Pay good salary to teachers.

I don’t mean a six-figure income but at least something they can live at par with.

Believe me, this is a cure to physical abuse.

The torture results mostly because of financial frustrations if not always.

When they see well-off people around, it mentally disturbs them.

And a good pay check can help control it.

4- Install CCTV cameras in all such places.

Connect these with the admin so the teachers know their activities get recorded.

5- Prosecute child abuse on the priority basis.

Because child abuse is an insult to the sanctity of madaris.

Make it an example so nobody dares it.

If you implement 50% of these recommendations, you will see abuse incidents will dramatically reduce.

What’s your opinion?