Congregation Prayer: The Precautionary Measures To Follow

The precautionary measures for Congregation prayer are as under:

1. Pray in your locality. Don’t go to any other Masjid in the current situation.

2. Limit the number in the Masjid especially in Juma’a (Friday) Prayers. The Masjid administration should decide the number of people permissible according to their size.

3. Limit the time in congregation i.e. the prayer s and the members should leave immediately and pray the rest of the prayer at homes.

4. Wear protective masks when coming to the Masjid. You can use the particular clothes also and then change them when going home.

5. Pray in an open area and/or on the floor. Wash it after every prayer. If it’s not possible then the members can bring in their own prayer cloth to pray on.

6. Increase the distance between the lines. As for the distance between the members, the scholars should decide about the appropriate distance.

Hopefully, if we follow these measures, we will have a congregation prayer to ask Allah SWT to keep us safe and bring us out of this situation.

What’s your take on the subject?