Coronavirus Crisis: It’s Time To Plan “The End”

The government of Punjab extended the lockdown for another week in its bid to contain the Coronavirus crisis.

I believe its time to plan the exit strategy as lengthening it further may not be suitable for the economic situation of the country.

The Best Possible Strategy

The best possible strategy to offset the coronavirus crisis is as under:

1. Accept Coronavirus as a reality. It will take longer than expected to control the spread.

Furthermore, it may come back in the future when we will open international borders. So keep that in mind when handling the Coronavirus crisis.

2. Ban media coverage of the number of affectees as this is only creating a panic amongst the general public.

Only allow a general discussion and how the state is responding to the crisis.

3. Prepare people for home quarantine as the health system is under the pressure of an increased number of patients.

So it’s better to leave the potential Coronavirus positives at their places.

What’s the point to bring them to the quarantine when you won’t have any special treatment.

4. Broaden the awareness campaign for the public to maintain social distance, avoid shaking hands, etc.

The Coronavirus lockdown drew much needed attention and people now are more concerned than ever about their personal safety.

With all these pre-steps,

5. Start opening the businesses gradually, so the system can get back to normal in a few weeks.

6. Keep the ban on big gathering for some time as it will be for the benefit of society.

7. Meanwhile, keep the international flights suspended as long as we don’t install a proper screening system on all major airports.

Remember, the extended lockdown will create an economic crisis as millions of people are already out of job.

The prime minister Khan knows this fact. That’s why he opposed the idea of a curfew which some of his advisers were advocating.

Let’s hope for a better outcome of the current situation.

What’s your opinion? Do you think it’s time to end the lock down?