Coronavirus Lockdown: The Potential Benefits For Pakistan

Coronavirus lockdown is causing pain for many of us. But it does carry some potential benefits for Pakistan.

Here are some of these:

1. The calamity is worldwide. It’s not for Pakistan only, so nothing to worry about.

2. Coronavirus will release the pressure of following the IMF guidelines for the economy of Pakistan.

3. It will provide financial relief as Pakistan may not be required to pay back the due installments.

4. The reduction in oil prices will also decrease the pressure on import bill as the oil prices hit the 20 years low.

5. Coronavirus will give us a chance to restructure the local industry.

Many businesses ran out just because they couldn’t compete with Chinese products. They may come back into the market.

6. The construction industry may get revived as the PM hinted in his latest speech.

The IMF opposed the idea, but in the give situation, the scheme for the real state sector may come in. That will boost the construction industry and help the economic rebuilding of the country.

So let’s stay positive and hope for the Coronavirus lockdown to be over soon.