a request to pm to activate nih

Coronavirus Vaccine: Can Pakistan Develop It?

Can Pakistan develop a Coronavirus vaccine?

Well, my answer is, it can.

All we need to put in some effort.

As you know, the Administration, including the Army, Police, and health workers are working to their capacity to contain Coronavirus.

And they deserve the best of thanks and appreciation from the people of Pakistan.

But here is a humble request to Prime minister Khan to activate the National Institute of Health Islamabad.

This institute has developed the vaccine for rabies, and they made the famous “Nimkol” water back in the 1980s.

In 2003, World health organization WHO approved the NIH for vaccine making.

So I ask PM to allocate some funds for research work on Coronavirus and to prepare its vaccine.

Secondly, we need safety kits for our doctors and health workers, and we are dependent on the Chinese to provide us.

We can do some reverse engineering to make these kits ourselves.

A little initiative on the state level will definitely be fruitful, and we may able to develop a Coronavirus vaccine.