what I expected from prime minister khan

Economic Growth: What I Expected From PM Khan

What did I expect from Prime Minister Imran Khan for political stability and economic growth? I will describe briefly.

Bear with me.

A background of khan’s potential, the legend who won the cricket world cup for Pakistan. He then bent on to build Pakistan’s first cancer hospital.

As said, in the conference of 19 doctors, 18 regarded it as mission impossible. While the 19th replied, we can build a cancer hospital in Pakistan, but can’t run it.

Khan took the task, and you know the rest.

He then built the Namal College, a school affiliated with the Bradford University of London.

Khan was always ready to help people in need, whether they are earthquake victims or flood affectees.

The man appears on the political stage and after a long struggle, becomes the prime minister of Pakistan.

Economic Growth and Khan

Now, with such a brilliant background, I hoped he would move in the following direction,

1. He will put aside all the political differences and will serve as the real prime minister of the country, including the opposition.

2. His main disagreement with opposition was on corruption; thus, he will reform NAB and FIA and detach himself from the accountability process while keeping it on a low profile.

3. His prime focus will be on economic growth and will introduce immediate business-friendly policies to facilitate those (local or foreigners) interested in investment and doing business.

4. Khan will begin upgrading Punjab police according to the world standard.

His government performed well in KPK to fix the police, and so was expected in Punjab; at least an end to political influence in the police.

5. He will pledge to double the exports of Pakistan in the next 5 years.

He did promise for 10 million jobs and 5 million households, targets too exaggerated to achieve.

On the flip side, the exports stand at 2o billion USD, and there is no big deal for a man of his caliber to double it by 2023.

6. He will set up a tech team to launch Pakistan’s first smartphone (something like Khan mobile or ikhan) and/or to make the First car with locally manufactured parts.

I don’t mean precisely the same but something extraordinary in tech advancement, which his predecessors failed to do.

7. He will transfer power to the local level and set up the opening for south Punjab province, which the previous governments couldn’t because of political interests.

If you want, you can add more to the wishlist, but I thought if he attains 50% of that, it would make a big difference.

The Outcome

I didn’t see a glimpse of khan’s true potential in 14 months of his tenure.

Instead, he’s chasing an illusion of a corruption-free Pakistan, a goal impossible to achieve in a defective system and with bad boys in his own pocket.

Secondly, he is unwilling to cooperate with the opposition parties even for the constitutional needs.

Thirdly, khan turned his attention towards external affairs. Though he performed well at the diplomatic front, that can’t suffice for the country’s real needs.

To me, prime minister Imran Khan should better focus on the domestic issues and leave the external affairs for the establishment to handle.

He can also direct his foreign minister to aid the establishment and just keep the issue of Kashmir on his agenda.

My expectations are pending, and I still believe if he reshifts his focus and sets out his priorities right, he has the potential to bring Pakistan out of political and economic turmoil.

But only if he realizes.

Let’s hope so.

What about your expectations with Khan? Are you satisfied with his performance?

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