Mobile Application For Sales Tax Registration

FBR Introduced Mobile App For Sales Tax Registration

FBR introduced a mobile app for the sales tax registration and payment of taxes. The app name is Tax Asaan and its available on both android and iOS.

The app contains selected functionalities under Iris. You can log in through your Iris user name and password.

Let’s dig into the app and see what functions we can perform.

When you open it up, you see the main page.

Click the home button on the top left, you will come to the side page.

You can sign in with your Iris user name and password.

After the signup, your name will appear at the top instead of “USER NAME.”

Please note that you need to sign in only for sales tax registration. You can use the verification and payment facility without doing so.

Alternatively, you can also access the information from the main page.

So let’s see the available facilities one by one.

1. Verification

You can use the system for the following checks:

  • Active Taxpayers List (Income Tax)
  • Active Taxpayers List (AJK)
  • Online NTN/STRN inquiry
  • Exemption Certificate
  • Notices/Orders verification
  • Computerized Payment Receipt (CPR) utilization status
  • POS invoice verification

If you access from the main menu, the verification tab will show you the icons.

Tap on any icon to get the information.

2. Payment

You can pay your taxes through the app.

Under the “Payment” tab, Click e-payment, the following box will open up.

Just fill in the information and hit next. You will see the payment details, then follow instructions to make a payment.

3. Sales Tax Registration

You can also register for sales tax through the Tax Asaan app. This is a simple step by step process.

Just hit the “sales tax registration’ tab. The following box will open up.

Select manufacturing or other than manufacturing at the top.

Remember, It’s the same procedure of registration for manufacturers and others.

Just fill in the information and attach your bank account certificate. Then tap on Add/Manage Business Address.

Fill in the business address information like its type, measurement unit, city, district, etc. Then take photos of your business premises and machinery if you have, and upload them in the application. You have to upload at least one picture of the premises.

If you have multiple business addresses, you can add all of them in the app.

Tap Save.

Now tap on Add/Manage Utility Meter(s).

Choose the utility meter type, enter the meter reference number, and take a picture of the meter and upload it in the application.

Tap Save.

Once you are done entering all the information, tap Register. If the information you provided is correct, the system will register you and will show a user application ID on the screen.

Once registered, you can generate bank CPR for payment of dues, but you can’t file your sales tax return yet.

You need a biometric verification.

Bio-Metric Verification

Just go to any E-Sahulat center of Nadra for biometric verification, and you are all set. You can now file your sales tax returns through the mobile application.

If you fail to verify within one m0nth of registration, The system will remove your name from the sales tax’s active taxpayers list.

Physical Verification of Manufacturer

A manufacturer requires physical verification of the business premises, utility meters, and title deeds before conducting the business. This process will start once the manufacturer registers through the app.

Incomplete Application

In case your application is not processed for any reason like for missing information or document, FBR will appoint a tax officer who will request you to fulfill the requirements within 15 days of the application.

Failure to do so will result in your name being taken off from the ATL list.


FBR keeps upgrading its tax system, and the new mobile application is a part of this process.

You can use this app to verify information, make a payment, and to register for sales tax.

For sales tax registration, follow a step by step process to provide the required information. Once registered, you can pay your due tax, but you have to undergo a biometric verification in a Nadra facility to file tax returns via mobile app.

Do you see the launch of the mobile app as a step in the right direction?

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