Functional Parliament: The Only Way To Achieve Stability

Pakistan can reach political stability through a functional parliament, which can help achieve economic stability as well.

I expect PM khan to take initiative and build a foundation for a real change.

Here is how,

1. Activate parliament sessions with all its standing or other committees.

2. Make sure 90% attendance of all members. Immediately disqualify the member who falls short until the next election.

3. Start Q/A sessions in the parliament, which Khan promised when elected. Make it necessary for all members to participate.

4. Let the public participate in the sessions by asking questions. People can do so by email or through the NA website. Select a few of them for every session.

The relevant minister/member must have to answer the question.

5. Broadcast the live parliament session on T.V. So people should know how capable their elected members are. It will put pressure on the members to prepare for the session and perform.

Also, broadcast the cabinet meetings and the standing committees if possible. The top bureaucrats appear before the committees, so it will also improve their performance.

5. Manage a complete record of all the members on the national assembly website (, so the people should know about the attendance, performance, questions sked, bills presented by the parliamentarians.

6. Ban talk show appearances for the national assembly members. They are paid for the NA sessions, so they should express their opinion/vision in the parliament only.

7. Let the local leadership appear in the talk shows to give them exposure to learning. It will also help in developing the democratic culture in the political parties.

The bottom line, we expect from PM khan to take credit for the functional parliament. And set up the base for political and economic stability.