Khan Saab! Turn PTI Into A World Class Party

World class party by a world class cricketer.

How ‘s that?

Its called cricket analogy.

More like Khan’s way of “cricketyfying” the politics.

Ok but, what’s the point here?

Well, the political struggle is useless without a sound platform.

Imagine a party where members elect their leaders and make them accountable through their power of vote.

Thus eradicating the would be “Lootas” from the party.

No party switching on the call of “Zameers”.

And no more regime change in the future.

But how Khan can manage such a huge task?

He tried once but failed miserably.

To me, the party App is a simple alternative to the physical elections.

Though in basic form but you need ID card to register.

Meaning you can only vote once.

So just update the App accordingly.

Simply add the candidate’s credentials and ask members to vote in a set period of time.

And there you have an elected party member.

Hassle free.

Alternatively, you can do so by a twitter poll.

Tough choice.

But PTI fits in to fulfill the task.

Fixing economy and tackling poverty is a difficult thing.

So let’s begin with an easy task.

Will khan do so?