Leave The Degree: Learn A Skill In 2020

Some social media influencers are of the view to leave the degree and learn a skill. And the leader of this idea is Azad Chaiwala.

In a recent video, he asked YouTubers to support his slogan Degree naheen Skill seekho.

So I am making this video in support of Azad Chaiwala.

But just to clarify, Azad doesn’t mean to avoid education.

Here is what “leave the degree” idea is all about:

1. Do get primary education, i.e. high school.

2. Prefer skillful degrees like doctors, engineers, and chartered accountant, etc.

3. Avoid useless degrees like BBA, BBIT, BSIT, etc. You will waste your money on these degrees. But all you get will be a certificate in the end. No real education at all.

4. Learn Freelancing. There are so many ways to get knowledge about freelancing. See what kind of interests you have. Choose accordingly. And slowly start building.

5. Learn practical skills like masonry, plumbing, etc or anything that you have interest in.

6. Put aside the shame of working i.e. what will people say.

7. Still, if you want to get a degree (unskilled one), don’t just rely on academic books. Learn advanced education through google and youtube.

Hopefully, if we spread this idea, we can set up a base for real change in Pakistan.