my gas bill comparison

My Gas Bill: January 2019 Vs January 2020

My gas bill got doubled this January as compared to the last year. There are likely 3 or 4 times when the government increased the gas prices.

Here is the comparison of my gas bill for January 2019 vs. January 2020.

The consumption of gas in January 2019 was 2.913 HM3, which made the MMBTU units at 10.235.

gas bill for january 2019

For the said units, the gas bill was Rs 3320.

The gas consumption in January 2020 was precisely the same i.e. 2.913 HM3 and MMBTU were 10.256.

gas bill for january 2020

But this time the bill is Rs 6900. This is more than a 100% increase in just a year.

The gas price hike is according to the direction of the IMF. And the IMF officials are pushing for more increase.

As obvious with the comparison, the increase in the prices is unjustified. The government should negotiate with the IMF to bring the per-unit rates in a reasonable range to provide relief to the middle class which is largely affected because of high inflation.

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