Our Noisy Parliament: When They Will Learn?

The last week’s battle in the Parliament was surprising for many.

But not for me.

What else we should expect from these folks?

Parliamentarians are from us and we as a nation like this kind of stuff.

Credit: Dawn News

Secondly, many of them lack knowledge and so are unwilling to speak at their tun.

Thirdly, the budget book is gigantic and no body has time to read it.

They also have to please their masters (I am sorry, but that’s true).

The one who misbehaves earns more respect in the eyes of the leader.

And then the talk show mentality has put the last nail in the coffin.

All that adds up and we see a wrestling show instead of a healthy concise debate in the Parliament.

Will they ever learn?

I am willing to see that in my life time.