PIA Plane Crash: It’s Time To Fix The National Carrier

The PIA plane crash in Karachi once again pinpoints the importance of the overhauling of the national aircraft carrier.

The simple solution is to privatize but it isn’t workable as the political cost of laying off thousands of employees blocks any such effort.

So what else we can do?

Well, there is a better way to deal with it i.e to expand its local operation.

Here is a quick overview of how to achieve this goal.

1. Make all local airports functional.

2. Allow construction of new airports with a plan to eventually build airports in all cities across the country.

3. Permit private airlines to operate and soften the rules and regulations.

But put in a condition to take the mechanical and technical staff from the PIA.

I mean to transfer the PIA workers to the private airlines instead of laying them off.

You may ask, will the private airlines take them?

Off course.

They will happily take such employees because they have experience working with the airline.

This plan will take time but it can increase business, employment, and tourism in the country.

And definitely, will solve the issue of PIA forever.

The PIA plane crash is a tragic incident but it’s an opportunity to fix the long-standing issues of the national carrier.