who is to blame for pic incident

PIC Incident: Who Is To Blame For The Casualties?

Punjab Institute of Cardiology PIC incident has created a debate as to how to control the unlawful behavior of lawyers and what to do to stop such events in the future.

First, we need to understand the problem.

The Problem

1. The Culture of Approach and Nepotism

We developed a culture where it’s impossible to have your work done without approach and relationships.

2. Groups and Connections

This led to the establishment of connections and groups as an alternative for the protection of rights. There is nothing wrong with the doctors association or lawyers association. But associations should be for the protection of rights. Not for violating the rights of others.

3. Lack of Knowledge About the Rights of People

We, as a nation, lack knowledge about the rights of people. That’s why we don’t care much when dealing with others. Even the religious people who are committed with the deen cross the red lights or break the ques. Because they don’t realize that they are violating any rights.

The Solution

1. Knowledge of Rights (Haqooq-ul-Ibaad)

The government should create awareness through all possible channels about protecting the rights of fellow citizens. It is also our job to start acting accordingly and to teach our kids.

2. Lawyer Reforms

As for the PIC incident, the government should overhaul the lawyer’s body. Make the examination process more stringent. And grant a license only to practicing attorneys. Meaning, you have to practice a certain number of hours to hold a license and the bar council membership.

3. Mob Violence Law

The government should introduce a law barring unauthorized gatherings and protests. Any assembly of the people should only be possible with the permission of the local government.

The PIC incident can be a test case for the government to strengthen its diminishing writ. Let’s hope for the best.

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