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POS Vendors Who Can Integrate You With FBR

FBR issued a list of POS vendors who can integrate your point of sale (POS) with the FBR computers.

POS integration is a system through which tier-1 retailers are required to connect their point of sales with the FBR. So FBR will monitor and track real-time sales.

There are a total of 286 retailers who have connected more than 5000 points of sales with FBR computers so far.

The deadline to integrate POS with FBR was December 15th, 2019, and FBR is not granting any extension to it.

POS Integration is the part of FBR’s reform program to bring in tier-1 retailers in the sales tax net.

Under the said system, the retailers will register with FBR and will connect their computers with FBR.

FBR will monitor their real-time sales and the retailers will collect sales tax from the consumers.

So retailers are encouraged to contact these POS vendors to know about rates and terms and conditions before hiring them.

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