Rift Between Players: How To Select A Perfect Cricket Team

Today, we will see how to select a perfect Pakistan cricket team and to end the rift between the players.

You know, Pakistan Cricket Board sacked captain Sarfraz Ahmed from all three formats citing his poor performance.

Meanwhile, Misbah ul Haq who was under fire for including Ahmad Shehzad and Umar Akmal in T20’s against Sri Lanka made a controversial decision. He chose leg spinner Usman Qadir for the tour of Australia.

These decisions are a pure example of nepotism and indicate hatred amongst the officials and players.

I strongly believe that our team always underperforms because of the dressing room issues, not because they lack game skills.

And we can control the rift between players and officials by changing the team selection methods.

Let’s start.

It will be carried out under 4 steps.

1. Basis of Player Selection

Choose the players, keeping in mind three things:

  • Maintaining their fitness level.
  • No extra responsibility for any player.
  • To minimize the rift and division amongst players and officials.

2. Three Formats Three Combinations

  • Select different combinations for all three formats.

So we will be able to develop specialized players for T20, 50 over, and tests.

  • Only 6 to 8 players will play in more than one format.
  • These players will be super fit and super capable.
  • Choose two captains, one for 50 overs and T20, and another for the test team.

So we will have one captain for fast formats and one for the slower one.

3. Team Selection

  • Only the selection committee will decide the 14 or 16 member team.

The team captain and coach will have no say in the selection. It will close the door for both to bring in players of their choice while ignoring the real talent.

  • The coach will decide the playing 11 depending on the pitch condition.

Now, the team captain will stay away from the final selection. It will reduce his burden. He will only focus on how to manage, the available ones, in the ground.

  • The selection committee will judge the captain for his decision-making and pressure handling ability in the ground.

4. Captain and Coach Appointment

  • Appoint captain and coach from world cup to world cup and the test team captain for four years.
  • Don’t replace the captain under normal circumstances.
  • In case of replacement, drop the ex-captain from the team, likely for 2 years.

An ex-captain playing in the team will only create controversy. That’s what the history says. So it’s better to keep him off, while the new captain adjusts in the scene.

  • Inform the captain about this condition prior to his appointment.

So the captain should know in advance that in case he fails to perform, he will likely face an ouster. This will discourage ”ready to lead the team thinking” amongst the players.

  • In case he (captain) resigns, he can play in the team only if his personal performance is satisfactory.

Like if the captain is doing good with bat and ball but thinks he is unfit for the job. In that case, he will keep playing for the team.

This process seems simple but it requires courage to execute, so I expect PM Khan to do something to save Pakistan cricket from ill-managed decisions.

Hopefully, if these steps to be followed, we can end the rift between the players and can also choose a team that will perform to its best.

What’s your opinion about the selection process?