Right Of Bail: Give It To Every Sick Prisoner

Considering the case of Mian Nawaz Sharif, the government should give the right of bail to every sick prisoner.

The Lahore court bailed out three-time prime minister of Pakistan, cleared his name from the ECL, and he flew out of Pakistan.

Remember, he is a convict of corruption charges.

Meanwhile, the prime minister Khan took this as an impression of double standards for powerful and week in Pakistan.

But Imran khan has a chance to eliminate this impression by amending the relative laws to provide the right of bail to every sick prisoner.

Khan can start so from Punjab, where his party is in power.

Punjab prison department shows the following stats of the prisoners.
The total number of prisoners is 48,794. Take out the level one crimes like murder (17,974), attempted murder (1526), rape (1045), and kidnapping (981), you get around 30,000 prisoners.

Now, check the data for critically ill, heart patients, and any acute diseases and bail the sick prisoners out and also permit them to travel abroad if they can afford it.

Go a step further and pardon 65 years plus prisoners convicted of minor crimes.

The other provinces can follow the same procedure.

It will remove the impression of two laws, and relieve the overburdened prisons. It will increase your popularity and you can encash this political gain in the next general elections.

Set this up as a precedent. Wherever the rich take advantage of the law, make the same available for everyone.