POS Integration: Retailers To Connect With FBR Computers

Retailers will connect their point of sale with fbr computers

FBR has cleared the confusion about the POS Integration. As to which retailers are required to integrate their point of sale with FBR. POS Integration is a system through which the retailers will connect their point of sale with FBR, and FBR will monitor the transactions in real-time. Here is the explanation of FBR about … Read more

IMF Rejects The Tax Scheme For Builders And Developers

imf rejects the tax scheme for builders and developers

IMF rejected the proposed tax scheme for builders and developers. Chairman FBR MR. Shabbar Zaidi announced it two months ago that they are drafting a special scheme for the industry to help it under the given economic conditions and to recirculate the money, stuck in the industry. The federal government drafted the presidential ordinance. But … Read more

Property Dealers and Jewelers: FBR’s Special Instructions

special instructions for property dealers and jewelers

FBR issued special instructions for property dealers and jewelers. These are the draft amendments and open for the public. Subject to cabinet approval, these will become law. There are two basic requirements for real estate agents and jewelers (called designated persons in the draft) to fulfill. To maintain records of their customers To report any … Read more

Tax Reforms: Why FBR Officials Are Opposing It?

fbr needs your proposals for finance bill 2020

The top officials of FBR are opposing tax reforms, and they have no genuine reason for that. Prime Minister Khan approved the reforms plan in October, which will set a base for the restructuring of FBR. A new authority Pakistan Revenue Authority (PRA) will come into effect by June 2020. The significant change in the … Read more

CNIC Condition And The Struggling Economy

cnic condition and the struggling economy

FBR issued a general order to clarify the CNIC condition, but in fact, it created more confusion. The condition of CNIC was introduced in the finance act 2019, which requires the registered sellers to take CNIC of their buyers and then print it on the invoices. And, for a fake id, the seller is exempted … Read more

FBR Introduced Mobile App For Sales Tax Registration

Mobile Application For Sales Tax Registration

FBR introduced a mobile app for the sales tax registration and payment of taxes. The app name is “Tax Asaan” and its available on both android and iOS. The app contains selected functionalities under Iris. You can log in through your Iris user name and password. Let’s dig into the app and see what functions … Read more