5 Questions For Your Favorite Political Party

Its your right to support and vote the political party of your choice. Fair enough. But, is it enough? “Absolutely not”. You can’t just idle behind a screen, or scroll your twitter feed. Rather, transform your awareness into a weapon. A weapon to enforce your party to serve you better. Here are 5 Questions/suggestions you … Read more

Functional Parliament: The Only Way To Achieve Stability

political stability through a functional parliament

Pakistan can reach political stability through a functional parliament, which can help achieve economic stability as well. I expect PM khan to take initiative and build a foundation for a real change. Here is how, 1. Activate parliament sessions with all its standing or other committees. 2. Make sure 90% attendance of all members. Immediately … Read more

Economic Growth: What I Expected From PM Khan

what I expected from prime minister khan

What did I expect from Prime Minister Imran Khan for political stability and economic growth? I will describe briefly. Bear with me. A background of khan’s potential, the legend who won the cricket world cup for Pakistan. He then bent on to build Pakistan’s first cancer hospital. As said, in the conference of 19 doctors, … Read more