Tax Reforms: Why FBR Officials Are Opposing It?

The top officials of FBR are opposing tax reforms, and they have no genuine reason for that.

Prime Minister Khan approved the reforms plan in October, which will set a base for the restructuring of FBR. A new authority Pakistan Revenue Authority (PRA) will come into effect by June 2020.

The significant change in the legal structure of FBR will be the abolishing of the grade 21 post of a chief commissioner. The chief commissioners head the 23 filed formations of FBR.

After the reforms, more power will be transferred to the commissioners.

Moreover, the basic concept of tax reforms is data collection and automation. And to end the physical contact between taxpayers and tax officials.

The FBR officials are concerned that this system will not work, and they are not consulted before the new measures were introduced.

But the real reason for opposing is that they don’t want any tax reforms at all.

The chief commissioners don’t want to lose their lucrative post.

And no physical contact will close all the doors of corruption and harassment and under the table dealings.

Chairman FBR held a meeting with the tax officials and constituted three committees to take the input of stakeholders before the tax reforms are finalized.