the kasur incident five tips to control child abuse

The Kasur Incident: 5 Steps To Control Child Abuse

The Kasur incident has shocked the nation. Police recovered bodies of three minors in Chunian when some laborers spotted them in the sand dunes.

The incident sparked protests in Kasur and surroundings. Yes, we reacted emotionally by blocking roadways and pelted stones on the police, as usual.

The government, on the other hand, suspended the DPO Kasur and SP investigation. The same old practice we have seen several times in recent years.

The result? Child abuse cases kept on happening because the government never took proper measures to control such incidents.

This time, PM Khan is aiming for a significant police overhaul in the Kasur district. Let’s hope for something special.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to prevent future incidents:

1. Proper Investigation

Probe the Kasur incident thoroughly and bring all the culprits to justice.

We expect PM khan to show personal interest in the case, and keep pressure on the police to get the results.

Bottom line, investigate it properly and arrest everyone involved.

2. Prioritize Kasur

The repeated child abuse cases in Kasur indicate the presence of a gang or group of child abductors in the district. So, prioritize Kasur by either declaring an emergency or appointing the best investigation officers in the region.

The goal is to find out the individuals/groups involved in child abuse and eliminate them entirely.

3. Police Reforms

The matter of Punjab police reforms is directly connected to such incidents. The suspension of DPO and SP investigation is not a solution to the case.

Overhaul the police structure by making long term postings, and by giving more authority to the DPO at the district level.

4. Police Intelligence System

Activate the police intelligence system in which paid informers were used to getting information from local neighborhoods. The system was well used by the British, but somehow it got outdated.

The local informers can help find the culprits, and also preempt any acting up in the locality.

5. Parents Responsibility

Parents need to accept their responsibility. Don’t wait for the state to come to help you.

Keep your eyes open. Be aware of your children’s whereabouts all the time. Accompany them when they are out.

Get to know if they tend to talk to the people on the street.

Teach them how to deal with the strangers and what to do in case of an improper touch. It may be a bit hard to teach your kids, but you have to if you are concerned about their safety.


The child abuse cases are a stigma in our society, but they keep on happening. The Kasur incident is new to the list.

While people protest against such incidents and the government takes notice, the problem never gets solved.

The state should bring to justice those involved and revamp the Punjab police to help control future incidents.

Parents should take extra responsibility by keeping an eye on their children and by teaching them how to deal with the strangers.

What’s your opinion about the issue?

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