The Secret Behind Sudden GDP Growth

Wonder how economy got a boost in the middle of pandemic?

Well, you shouldn’t.

The poor economy is self-pulling from the adverse effects of Khan’s Slogan.

“Kisi ko naheen chooron ga”.


Look, financial transaction is the backbone of the economy.

It’s like a fuel for the automobile.

You don’t have to be an economist to understand this.

And this slogan almost haulted the new investment.

Fear of a notorious question to be asked, “Where did you get this money”?

They went further and planned not to let the non-filer buy a property or a car.

It didn’t happen though.

Yes, Covid also impacted the GDP but the lack of transaction had done the damage long before it came.

Infact, Covid turned out to be a blessing for us.

It led PM to reverse his non-directional accountability policy and finally, he gave relief to construction and real estate sector.

The big move, no questions asked about the source of investment.

So now, “transactions” are everywhere.

The textile industry is running at the full capacity.

But the construction sector has set the tone.

I hope the trend continues so we can hit a 6% growth mark in the next fiscal year.

Let’s build a stronger Pakistan.

What do you think about this secret?