the women rights you only have in Pakistan

The Women Rights: You Only Have In Pakistan

The issue of women rights is often over-exaggerated in Pakistan as some are organizing “Aurat March” and chanting slogans like “Mera Jism Meri Marzi”.

Honestly speaking, women enjoy many rights in Pakistan, some of which you can’t imagine getting in the west.

For example, women get preference in the bank queue. They get the front row seats in public transport.

If you are at the petrol station, and someone with a lady shows up, he breaks the line and gets a fast refill. And nobody objects it.

Can you get this type of rights in the west?

Absolutely not.

So to me, the issue of women rights is not about the rights at all. It’s more like a planted agenda of some liberals who encash it to get funds from the western countries.

The issue of rights does exist in Pakistan but only for the deprived class irrespective of their gender.

Those who talk about rights should raise voice for that class, which includes both men and women.

And unfortunately, only a few cares for the deprived class and mainstream media doesn’t give them the due credit.

Whereas the women who complain about the injustice mostly belong to the privileged class of Pakistan and enjoy all the benefits which the poor class can’t think about.

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