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Transfer Of DG ISPR: Institution Is Bigger Than Individual

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The transfer of DG ISPR General Asif Ghafoor highlights two things:

1. The system/mechanism of the army through which they carry out the transfer/postings.

The ex DG played his role well though there are some reservations about his unique style of twitter interactions. But the system of the army prefers institution over the individuals.

2. It indicates that the chief of army staff who comes under this robust system is never looking for an extension. It’s the civilians who play games with an offering and convincing them to accept it.

The purpose is just to cover up their underperformance. Later the civilians complain about the interference in their course of work, which is never the case if the government starts performing its duties according to the system.

So the transfer of DG ISPR and the appointment of General Babar Iftikhar indicates the beauty of the army’s system.

The civilians need to learn a lesson from this.

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