Unveiled Women And The Male Robots

Once again PM Khan’s statement sparked an outrage.

“Kisi ko naheen chooron ga”.

No, not at all.

I mean what he said about women in the HBO interview.

Well, there is so much fuss already and I don’t wanna add further.

Off course Khan didn’t make any excuse for the Men.

But his statement did provide spices for haters to blame Islam.

And it bothered me.

The matter is simple.

First of all, no body should speak about Islam and its injuctions without proper knowledge.

Second, a muslim woman has to cover herself.

No choices.

Thirdly, Islam requires men to lower their gaze.

Yes, lower their gaze let alone go any further.

Unfortunately, this point is mostly overlooked if not always.

Lastly, a rape crime falls under the category of “corruption in the land”.

Which is like waging war against Allah and His Messenger.

The punishment for these crimes is, be killed, crucified, hands and feet cut from the opposite side, or exiled.

Depending on the severity of crime, the judge can choose any of these punishments.

Islam, the perfect religion doesn’t leave any loop holes.

Remember, a crime is stoppable with two things.

1. Fear of get caught

2. The punishment

Now, a crime happened and you couldn’t arrest the culprit.

You can’t blame Islam for that.

You need to improve your policing.

But if you catch the culprit.

The next step is how to prosecute.

The strict punishment of rape is right there.

Which our sharia recommends.

Only if you want to implement.

And if we don’t, what Islam has to do with our lack of courage.

What do you think about?