was danish kaneria mistreated by teammates

Was Danish Kaneria Mistreated By Teammates?

Shoaib Akhtar created a controversy by saying that Danish Kaneria mistreated by fellow teammates.

We don’t have direct knowledge, but we can examine under corroborating evidence that refutes the claim of Shoaib Akhtar.

  1. We have this issue in our society, there is no doubt about that.
  2. But the problem exists on the lower level. Danish Kaneria was a celebrity when he played for the Pakistan cricket team. So it’s hard to imagine he faced this misbehavior. Many hardliner Pakistanis like Indian actors and actresses. Some are even like heroes for them.
  3. The celebration styles during the matches (when Danish got a wicket) refutes this claim. There isn’t a single indication of any issue between the players.
  4. There are always rifts between the players of the Pakistan cricket team. So it’s likely that the reason may not be what Shoaib is talking about.
  5. If there was an issue, Danish had to report it to the authorities. Even Shoaib could have done this instead of keeping it to himself.
  6. The language Shoaib used with the Captain (as he claimed) is misconduct in itself. So it’s hard to believe what Shoaib is pointing towards.
  7. The time, Shoaib chose to reveal this “secret” is abysmal. If he says that the matter was over when he interfered, then there was no point in creating a media hype after so many years.

Now, do you believe that danish Kaneria mistreated by teammates?

So all we can say, it is just Shoaib’s long runup style of talking. There was no such misbehavior by any player with the Danish Kaneria.

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