What would i do if i be the prime minister

What Would I Do If I Be The Prime Minister

Here is what I was going to do if I would be in place of Prime Minister khan. Or alternatively, what Khan should do to put things back in order.

1. Make the parliament fully functional.

It is the first step to set up a base for political stability.

2. Start Punjab Police reforms

This is a must step for peace and security point of view.

3. Focus only on internal matters and leave the foreign affairs for the establishment to handle. Just clip your foreign minister for the purpose and spare full time for development and economy.

4. Renegotiate the deal with IMF. The agreement is not in favor of the economy.

5. Introduce a 5-year investment free policy.

Let people declare their assets, and no questions should be asked about the source.

6. Restructure NAB and FIA and detach yourself from the accountability process.

7. Spend at least 25% on the health sector of the total available budget.

Introduce a position free education system. Make a booklet of the Quranic verses and ahadith related to morality and Haqooq-ul-Ibaad and make it a compulsory subject for all the arrangements.

Introduce freelancing and entrepreneurship as a subject and facilitate kids to bring in new ideas in the market.

8. Promote tourism in Punjab by dividing it into 35 districts. Direct all the DC’s to make a quality website that should cover all the exciting places in their respective regions.

Hopefully, if Khan starts on a few of these issues, we can attain political stability, and the economy can begin showing signs of improvement.

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